Greener Home Renewables (GHR) Stafford

GHR offers solar PV, battery storage, and electric vehicle charging points to Stafford residents and businesses. Design, installation, and maintenance are only some of the services we offer. Whether you need electrical repairs or electrical maintenance, you can count on our team of highly qualified and experienced electricians and electrical contractors. Our customers’ needs are our top priority.

  • A 14-year track record of expert electricians in Stafford
  • Customer service that is fast, efficient, and friendly
  • Brands that are leaders in their fields
  • The survey is free of charge
  • A mix of residential and commercial clients in Stafford
  • Customer-specific designs
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In residential and commercial buildings, we install solar photovoltaic systems, battery storage systems, and charging points for electric vehicles. Greener Home Renewables uses only high-quality equipment, components, and brands. Residents and businesses in Stafford can rely on our fast, friendly, and professional electrical services. All of the brands we use are high-quality, industry-standard brands that come with warranties and guarantees.

Greener Home Renewables can save Stafford homeowners money, reduce their carbon footprint, and produce their own electricity with solar electricity. Providing a free, bespoke, Stafford-specific energy survey is the first step on the road to sustainable living.

Our Green Energy Solutions & Solar Electricity Services

Stafford homes and businesses can benefit from our green electricity suppliers. We provide electrical services for residential and commercial properties in Stafford and the surrounding areas, contributing to a greener environment. Our services include:

Domestic Solar PV

Adding solar panels to your Stafford home will brighten its future. In addition to reducing your carbon footprint, Stafford solar panels and solar electricity generators can reduce your electricity consumption. Take action now to save energy.

Commercial Solar PV

Electricity supply management has never been easier for Stafford businesses. Besides providing long-term energy security, solar PV systems are green electricity suppliers that are environmentally friendly. Incentives can also be provided by the government to increase property values and generate income. Invest in energy efficiency and take steps to reduce your carbon footprint.

Home Battery Storage

A Stafford solar panel system allows you to store and maximize energy in case of a power outage. As well as reducing your electricity costs, you can use this stored energy when demand is high. Storage energy can be used to power your home at night and during low solar production periods.

EV Charging Points

Solar panels will soon power electric cars on Stafford’s roads. Installation of an EV home charger allows you to charge your vehicle efficiently and cleanly. It is an economical, easy-to-install solution for those looking to reduce their environmental impact. The correct installation of an EV charging point allows multiple vehicles to be charged simultaneously.

Why Choose Greener Home Renewables for Stafford Homes

By investing in renewable energy, businesses and homeowners can reduce their energy bills. Renewable energy systems, whether domestic or commercial, reduce carbon emissions and increase sustainability.

As a leading provider of high-quality solar panels and solar electrcitiy since 2005, our company has earned a reputation for quality and service. Using solar PV panels has reduced homeowners’ energy bills and saved millions. Besides offering quality products and services, we hold numerous accreditations as well.

With our Stafford team, you are not only guaranteed fast, friendly, and professional service, but you are also guaranteed security. You can contact us if you have questions about our services if you live in or around Stafford. Request a free quote from your local NICEIC Telford green electrical limited electrician by calling 02476950210 or completing our online form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the UK run on renewable energy?

There was a record-breaking 68 days in 2020 when no coal was used to generate electricity in the UK, making it the world’s longest run of coal-free generation.

Is green energy more expensive in the UK?

Fuel prices have soared during the Ukraine war, making renewable energy more cost-effective. A megawatt hour of onshore or offshore wind or solar power costs around £40 today, while a megawatt hour of gas-fired power costs about £140.

Can you still get government grants for solar panels?

SEG and ECO4 are two solar panel grants and incentives. A range of grants, loans, and other types of support are also available for installing solar panels from local authorities in England and the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.