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With energy bills reaching unimaginable rates, there’s never been a better time and reason to take control of your energy and invest in a sustainable option than you have sole control over. Greener Home Renewables are your go to provider for solar panel installations for your household! Become carbon neutral and save money on your electricity bills today with GHR. Investing in solar panels for your home can provide numerous benefits, both financial and environmental. Here are some in-depth benefits of investing in solar panels:

Why use Solar PV for your Home?

By producing your own electricity with solar panels, you can significantly reduce, if not eliminate, your monthly power costs. This can provide considerable long-term benefits and help cover the initial cost of installing solar panels.

Homes with solar panels are often worth more than those without because they can attract potential buyers. Because electricity prices are so unpredictable and volatile, creating a budget for energy costs can be difficult.

By producing your own electricity using solar panels, you can protect yourself from rising energy costs and improve your financial security.

Installing green electricity can also help you reduce your carbon footprint. Since solar energy doesn’t release any of the damaging greenhouse gases that lead to climate change, it is a clean and sustainable energy source. You may lessen your carbon footprint and contribute to environmental protection by employing solar energy.


Reduce carbon emissions

Alongside the long-term savings, switching to Solar PV is a great way to improve your EPC and reduce your carbon footprint as it converts sunlight straight into electricity, allowing you to use the spring and summer months to your full advantage.

Energy Independance Via Solar Panelling

You have complete control over how that energy is used, which makes solar panels an excellent method to become energy and electricity independent. You have complete control over how your washing machine and dryer are used, so feel free to use them guilt-free, store them for unexpected outages, or decide to sell them back to the national grid.

You need to have extra energy saved for the months when the sky isn’t as full of sunshine if you want to be completely independent from the grid.

To get the most out of your solar energy, prepare for the winter months when sunshine is scarcer, and generate extra passive money, install a battery storage system. For further details, go to our article on battery storage.

Optimise Your Homes Solar Panelling

Greener Home Renewables suggests making the most of the available roof space, sometimes going above and beyond the typical 4kW installation. The more power a solar array can provide, the more it can help households meet the rising need for electricity, particularly as more and more people install electric heating systems and drive electric vehicles.


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Questions People Ask About Home Solar PV


What is the maximum watt output of solar panels?

The average solar panel’s maximum output (wattage) has increased to 190 kWp from 180 kWp. Given that solar panels typically range in size from 330 to 360 kWp, a 4kW solar array can be created with just 12 panels.


How long does it take to pay back the initial investment?

The time it takes to recoup your initial investment might range from 4-6 years to 9-11 years, depending on your location and average energy and power usage. This does not account for the extra benefit of selling back any excess energy. To find out how much you could save, it’s worth visiting the solar PV page on the Energy Saving Trust website. 


Can I heat my water with solar power?

Sure. A solar array can generate enough electricity to heat the water and heat pump, especially in the spring and summer. It gets harder to heat the water, though, in the winter months when there is less natural sunshine. 


How can I store my solar power?

Making the most of your energy during the winter months is possible with the installation of battery storage systems that have at least 8kW capacity. During the day, the solar PV array charges the batteries so they can be used at night, during periods of higher demand, or outside of peak generation. To fit every need and budget, Greener Home Installations offers a variety of premium battery storage systems.

What is Solar PV?

Solar PV, or solar photovoltaics, harnesses solar radiation to create electricity. Because solar PV systems are affordable and have positive environmental effects, they are growing in popularity. Since solar energy is renewable, it may be utilised without diminishing...