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You will need to apply to the local District Network Operator (DNO) based on the size of the commercial installation. The infrastructure and electrical wires that link your home to the national grid are owned and operated by the DNO. It may take up to eleven weeks to have this approved.

When an installation draws less than 16 amps per phase, DNO requires notice within 28 days of commission. This notification includes:

  • Single phase supply: 3.68kW
  • Twin phase supply: 8kWp
  • Three-phase supply: 11.04kWp

If your installation is smaller than 3.68kWp, you will not be required to notify your DNO.

Greener Commercial Installations can install any size commercial installation. Let’s workout what size installation you need to meet the business electricity demand.

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Commercial Solar Panel Installation

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Start Generating Your Own Electricity

The path to a sustainable future is being paved by solar photovoltaic, or PV, panels. Installing solar PV panels can help your company start lowering its carbon emissions and save money on energy costs.

Future-Proof Yourself Against Ever-Increasing Energy Bills 

Upon acquiring Solar Photovoltaic Panels (Solar PV), you will transform into your own power plant, converting daylight into energy for your company’s needs. Given that most businesses use electricity from 8:00 to 17:00 during the day, it should come as no surprise that solar photovoltaic systems can meet your needs for electricity.

The prospective demand for the solar PV array can be calculated by examining how much electricity a firm uses on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


Ground And Roof-Mounted Solar PV Arrays Installed any size Greener Commercial Renewables can help!

You can benefit from solar PV panels even on overcast days since we provide low-light-condition solar panels. The size of the installation and the amount of direct sunlight received during the day each year determine the average amount of electricity produced.

The best places to install solar panels are open spaces with direct sunlight exposure and no overhanging shadows. Maximising space is crucial for powering a commercial building and having them roof-mounted will help you achieve just that. You may acquire more accessible land area by not maximising the sun.

Ground-mounted solar panels let you arrange your system to capture as much sunlight as possible if you do have a lot of available space.

Large-Scale Solar PV

If the installation is greater than 16A per phase, they will be required to give you permission before any further plans have been made. We take the hassle out of this and process the DNO request for you. During the process, an investigation will be undertaken to determine the suitability, focusing on transformer size and available line capacity.

Make Solar PV Work For Your Business

No matter how big your company is—big-tech or warehouse fulfilment—Solar PV can be a good fit for you. Take advantage of the benefits of lower carbon emissions by producing your own electricity.

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The cable network in the UK is being upgraded to enable additional solar PV installations.

You can expand a solar PV array’s size to match demand by upgrading the transformers.

Planning approval is required for ground-mounted solar photovoltaic arrays. Applications for process planning can benefit from Greener Commercial Renewables.

Questions To Help You Decide On Commercial Solar PV

How does Solar PV work?

Through the penetration of clouds by photons from the sun’s energy, solar photovoltaics produces electricity. Although solar PV panels are most effective when placed in bright, direct sunlight, you can still get the benefits of solar power even in gloomy weather. In fact, some solar panels are specifically made to function well in low light levels with sparse cloud cover.

How can you get the most out of solar panels?

When solar arrays are exposed to direct sunshine, they produce the greatest electricity. As more clouds form and get thicker, the amount will decrease. Power will almost never be available when snow or heavy storm clouds are present. Installing solar panels that can optimise electricity from low light circumstances is advised in the UK.

Is the UK at solar panel capacity?

Most the UK’s electrical wires were not made to allow power to flow in the opposite direction. Trips could result in widespread power outages, thus the local DNO might limit how much you can send back to the grid. The capacity for solar panels has been reached in certain areas of the UK, particularly along the south coast, prohibiting the installation of any more solar PV systems.

To facilitate more solar PV installations, the UK is modernising its cable network. You can expand a solar PV array’s size to match demand by upgrading the transformers.

What is Solar PV?

Solar PV, or solar photovoltaics, harnesses solar radiation to create electricity. Because solar PV systems are affordable and have positive environmental effects, they are growing in popularity. Since solar energy is renewable, it may be utilised without diminishing...

Our certified installation teams are pros in setting up solar power systems for homes and businesses.



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