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Why Invest in Renewables

With more than 14 years of experience, Greener Home Renewables has installed solar power systems, battery storage, and EV charging stations for homes and businesses. Only premium brands, tools, and parts are used in all installations by Greener Home Renewables. Installing leading brands that are acknowledged by independent bodies is a fast, friendly, and professional service provided by Greener Home Renewables. Every brand that is chosen carries all the warranties and guarantees that are typical for the business.


Greener Commercial Renewables deal with the with all business enquires

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The future depends on renewables

The future of our energy resources relies on renewables, the sooner you invest in the renewables the sooner you will start benefits from reduced energy bills.

Investing in renewable energy sources will lower energy costs while also assisting in the reduction of the usage of fossil fuels. Home and business owners can profit from investing in renewable energy sources of any kind. Any actions you take will contribute to lowering the property’s operating expenses. Installing any type of renewable energy system, whether residential or commercial, will lower energy bills, carbon emissions and improve the sustainability of houses and companies.

Greener Home Renewables would only ever do a worthwhile installation after thoroughly examining each installation’s viability. Because of our vast experience and expertise, Greener Home Renewables and Greener Commercial Renewables can offer guidance and advice regarding the optimal solution for any given residential or business installation. Greener Home Renewables is aware of how critical it is to initially provide our clients with the greatest solution possible. High quality matters.

JA Solar

Black Frame Black Glass
A variety of solar PV panels, including smart solar panels and dual-sided (bifacial) panels, are manufactured by JA Solar for use in residential and commercial settings. Its headquarters are in Shanghai, China. Warranty on product: 12-year guarantee on products 25-year warranty on linear power output.

Product warranty:
12 year product warranty
25 year linear power output warranty

LG Solar PV

LG Solar PV is arguably best known for its TVs, but it is also expanding into solar panels with its half-century of knowledge in electrical technology. High-efficiency panels, matt black panels, and bifacial (generating electricity from both sides) solar panels are among its solar panel options. It’s one of the few that provides certain of its solar panels with 25-year product and service guarantees.

Product warranty:
25 Year Power output warranty: 90.08%
25 Year Service warranty 25 years

Q-Cells German Premium Solar Panel

Award winning Solar Panel Manufacture Q-CELLS
Colour: Black on Black
12 year product warranty
25 year linear power output warranty

They represent an excellent value for many residential and commercial solar PV buyers because to their price to quality ratio. All things considered, there are many strong arguments in favour of installing Q CELLS solar panels at your residence or place of business.

Green Electrical Installations using high quality Brands you can trust…

Solis Quality Inverter

A five-year “out of the box” industry standard warranty is provided locally for Solis. For a total extended 10-year warranty, you can optionally choose to buy an extra five years. Via our wholesale network, this is offered on all Solis inverters.

Solar Edge Inverter

12 years of warranty for Solar Edge. Clear and attractive access to your solar arrays’ data, all the way down to panel level monitoring, is made possible via comprehensive remote access with the Solaredge monitoring app. Power optimisers are utilised by Solaredge Technologies to address shading-related problems with individual panels. By tracking module power points, the optimisers seek to maximise total energy production.

Huawei Solar Inverter

Huawei Offers industry Leading Smart Solar PV Solutions With more than 30 years of expertise in digital information technology. Huawei Inverter is Battery Ready.


Leading Technology Inverter

Huawei has successfully integrated AI and Cloud with PV to optimise power generation. This has resulted in a highly efficient, safe, and reliable solar power plant with smart O&M and grid supporting capabilities, laying the groundwork for solar energy to become the primary energy source. Huawei introduced a cutting-edge solar energy solution for business and residential clients based on the idea of “Optimal Electricity Cost and Active Safety.” Huawei has contributed to the global powering of hundreds of industries and millions of people by increasing the use of solar power. Huawei will keep innovating and paving the way for renewable energy to empower individuals, families, and businesses.

Invest in the Future

Renewables is part of our Future Helping Reduce Carbon Emissions and Solar PV will help Reduce Energy Bills.